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Angela's yoga in Knysna, South Africa
Angela's yoga - the gentle path from body to mind

Zauberberg Cottage, 28 Ridge Drive, Knysna / Paradise   -   -   +27-44-382 53 57

The Yoga Way

Namaste - I am Angela and would like to help you discover your personal approach to Yoga!

Would you like to to start a new phase in your life - from the release of all physical and mental tensions to the experience of great freedom and love for yourself and the world around you? If so, then come and join me on the gentle Yoga path from body to mind.

Yoga is so much more than just ‘exercise’ – it is creation of body awareness, the re-connecting of body, soul and mind, absolute stillness, concentration, deep breathing, release of tension, healing, re-establishment of balance, for all ages and almost all conditions, and last not least - yoga is pure fun!

The Warrior pose Enjoy doing yoga in my garden! The Warrior pose

Please navigate this site to find out more about my approach to yoga and my yoga space, about the classes and workshops I offer and about myself.