Monthly Archives: February 2012

People of the Gardenroute

| by: admin | February 27, 2012

Reading in Gremlin News, our local online newsletter, I recently came across a link that pointed me to the following news item: “Knysna is a world popular destination, labeled as one of the Top 100 Destinations in the world and … Continue reading

Quiet Knysna Sunday

| by: admin | February 12, 2012

After a brief cooler spell and some long awaited rain last night, the glorious summer weather has returned to Knysna on this beautiful and quiet Sunday. It is pleasant and not too hot for a bike ride in the forest … Continue reading

Endless summer!

| by: admin | February 7, 2012

Another beautiful day in Knysna with temperatures around thirty degrees! Luckily we had some rain recently, so the garden is green again and the rain water tanks are full. It is hard to believe that Europe is suffering such a … Continue reading

Knysna Loeries in our garden

| by: admin | February 2, 2012

Knysna Loeries are often heard in our garden yet very hard to spot as they love hiding in the trees. But if you’re patient enough you will eventually see them gliding above you and catch a glimpse of their crimson … Continue reading

We saw an otter!

| by: admin |

We did a lovely walk along the Harkerville Kranshoek trail yesterday, som 15 kms from Knysna on the coast.  Beautiful rugged coastline, mystical indigenous forest and a short meditation at the stream… And then, sitting at the beach, a true … Continue reading