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A look back in gratitude

| by: admin | July 10, 2017

My “Out of Africa” story I once had a garden in a suburb of a small African coastal town called Knysna. The suburb is called Paradise.  And it was a true paradise until the recent fire storm which took  our … Continue reading

Early spring at Zauberberg

| by: admin | August 17, 2015

A walk through the garden in August The awakening of nature is a wonderful sighting and here in Zauberberg´s garden you can find many niches to enjoy. The quietness and beauty invite you to contemplate and breathe deeply.

Spring, finally!

| by: admin | September 14, 2013

Officially Spring started on 1 September – but it didn’t quite feel like it yet. Today however the garden showed us otherwise, just as in this wonderful poem by the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke that celebrates the return of … Continue reading

Whale season

| by: admin | July 24, 2013

This is the “picture of the day” from Ocean Adventures in Plettenbergbay. The Southern Right Whales have arrived !! We could also watch them from Robberg Nature Reserve recently. Can we see them in Knysna? Yes, you can go for … Continue reading

The Argonaut

| by: admin | July 16, 2013

This is the eggcase of Argonauta argo which was washed up to my feet on Brenton Beach one evening. And not only the eggcase but the octopus inhabiting it as well. I was so amazed about it´s sight and not … Continue reading

Knysna´s Mild Winter

| by: admin |

We are currently enjoying a mild green winter here with daytime temperatures between 14 to 26°C. The latter is well known as hot “bergwind” in the garden route and only persists for about 2 days. Night temperatures  are often around … Continue reading

Heritage seed tomatoes

| by: admin | February 10, 2013

These are a few of the tomatoes the monkeys left for us. Luckily they do not eat chillies and are not very interested in basil and other herbs. The cocktail and plum tomatoes seeded themselves but the larger and medium-round … Continue reading

A fish in a box

| by: admin | September 24, 2012

Boxfish or Turretfish – Tetraodontiformes I love beach walks! Other than the oceans energy, the salty air and beauty of the scenery, there is always something interesting to find. Last weekend we walked around Robberg, the rocky island and nature … Continue reading

Beginning of Spring at the Garden Route

| by: admin | August 28, 2012

  We haven’t had such a long, cold winter at the Garden Route in a long time! It is August and we can still see the last snow on the peaks of the Swartberg (the higher peaks behind the Outeniquas), … Continue reading

A Knysna dwarf chamaleon (Bradypodion damaranum)

| by: admin | April 5, 2012

Just before Easter I found a Knysna dwarf chameleon in our bushy garden. And this is really, really special and only the third time in 15 years that we’ve discovered one here!  In Wikipedia the following is written about this … Continue reading

People of the Gardenroute

| by: admin | February 27, 2012

Reading in Gremlin News, our local online newsletter, I recently came across a link that pointed me to the following news item: “Knysna is a world popular destination, labeled as one of the Top 100 Destinations in the world and … Continue reading

Quiet Knysna Sunday

| by: admin | February 12, 2012

After a brief cooler spell and some long awaited rain last night, the glorious summer weather has returned to Knysna on this beautiful and quiet Sunday. It is pleasant and not too hot for a bike ride in the forest … Continue reading

Endless summer!

| by: admin | February 7, 2012

Another beautiful day in Knysna with temperatures around thirty degrees! Luckily we had some rain recently, so the garden is green again and the rain water tanks are full. It is hard to believe that Europe is suffering such a … Continue reading

Knysna Loeries in our garden

| by: admin | February 2, 2012

Knysna Loeries are often heard in our garden yet very hard to spot as they love hiding in the trees. But if you’re patient enough you will eventually see them gliding above you and catch a glimpse of their crimson … Continue reading

We saw an otter!

| by: admin |

We did a lovely walk along the Harkerville Kranshoek trail yesterday, som 15 kms from Knysna on the coast.  Beautiful rugged coastline, mystical indigenous forest and a short meditation at the stream… And then, sitting at the beach, a true … Continue reading