Knysna´s Mild Winter

Knysna´s Mild Winter | by: admin | July 16, 2013

We are currently enjoying a mild green winter here with daytime temperatures between 14 Knysna Vervet Monkey in Zauberberg gardento 26°C. The latter is well known as hot “bergwind” in the garden route and only persists for about 2 days. Night temperatures  are often around 5-10°C with the occasional chilly or warm night. However, we at Zauberberg Cottage have down duvets, heaters and fireplaces to keep our guests warm, which was greatly appreciated at the recent Oyster Festival beginning of July. An annual festival with no empty beds in town. This year visitors could enjoy a very mild period and our guests enjoyed their sport events as well as after parties. Talking about “visitors”: the monkeys love our garden too!


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